Sennelier Oil Pastels

Sennelier Oil Pastels
Sennelier Oil Pastels

Everything you need to know about Sennelier Oil Pastels

Before you buy your next set of oil pastels, you should read everything in this article.

If you want to truly explore and discover all that the medium of oil pastels has to offer, you should really consider getting a set of Sennelier oil pastels.

There are a range of sets to choose from, including a 12-count box all the way up to a set of 120.

What qualities make Sennelier Oil Pastels so great?

Sennelier makes the ideal oil pastel. As an oil pastels artist, I have been using Sennelier oil pastels almost ever since I discovered them. But what makes them so special and so unique?

The following is a list of reasons to use Sennelier Oil Pastels:

  • Creamy and soft – unlike cheaper brands of oil pastels which are more like hard, wax crayons.
  • Glides smoothly across surfaces.
  • Great for blending and layering
  • Vibrant Colors. The colors are vibrant, lustrous and brilliant.
  • Rich pigment content

The only drawback to Sennelier would be the expense of them. But that is true of any artist-quality medium, whether that is in painting or drawing or pastels.

You get what you pay for. And when you pay extra to use Sennelier, it is worth it.

The lesser quality brands don’t provide the same pigment in the medium, and so you aren’t going to get the same quality artwork as a result. Drawings with Sennelier with be more vibrant and have more brilliant colors.

There are plenty of other brands to choose from, and so ultimately there is no “best” oil pastels, what it comes down to the most is personal preference above all.

My personal preference is Sennelier Oil Pastels.

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