Best Paper for Oil Pastels

The best paper for oil pastels is mostly a matter of personal preference. Choosing the best paper depends on what type of drawing you’re going for. If you’re wanting to do something very realistic, you might want to look for paper with a smoother surface, so that you can fine to the sharp details. But … Read more

Oil Pastels Brands Comparison

A common question I get asked a lot about is what brand of oil pastels is the best? For most oil pastelists, it comes down to two brands: Sennelier and Holbein. These are more expensive brands, and there are others available but these are the most common of the top-quality brands. So that answers the … Read more

10 Tips For Using Oil Pastels

What follows are some oil pastels tips and tricks I have learned over my years of creating oil pastel art.

This list is some of the main items I think that can be helpful for both beginners and experienced oil pastelists as they work with the medium.

These are my top 10 quick tips for working with oil pastels!

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